The EU Data Act: A Turning Point for the European Data Economy

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A Legislative Milestone

With the European Parliament’s adoption of the EU Data Act, we are witnessing a historic advancement in the regulation of the EU’s digital economy. This legislation marks a turning point, reshaping the data landscape of the EU and laying the groundwork for an innovative and competitive future.


What is the EU Data Act?

The EU Data Act establishes a harmonized framework for data access and sharing across all EU economic sectors. It aims to increase the availability of data while simultaneously strengthening the protection and control users have over their data. This is particularly pertinent to data generated by IoT devices, ensuring that such data can be used securely, fairly, and economically.


The Main Pillars of the EU Data Act

  • Data Access and Portability: The Data Act promotes data interoperability and portability to reduce dependency on individual providers and enhance competition.
  • Data Accessibility: A ‘data accessibility by design’ requirement is mandated to ensure that data is securely and easily available to users.
  • Protection of Personal Data: The Data Act complements existing data protection laws like the GDPR, ensuring that personal data remains protected during data exchange.


Strategic Preparation for the EU Data Act

The implementation of the EU Data Act will require careful preparation and strategic planning. Businesses must review and adjust their internal processes to meet the new requirements. Our experience in data law ideally positions us to guide your company through this transition.


Our Approach to Implementing the EU Data Act

With our profound expertise in data law, we offer tailored solutions that are specific to your company’s needs. We assist you in developing robust data management and a strategy that not only meets the requirements of the EU Data Act but also enhances your competitiveness.



The EU Data Act is more than just a new regulatory requirement – it’s an opportunity to improve how we handle data and to develop new business models. We stand ready to support you in seizing this opportunity and equipping your company for the future of the data economy.


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