Due to the fast-paced digitalization and the associated technology-savvy business models, the protection of intellectual property is becoming increasingly important. Our main practice areas range from classic IP law, such as the protection of trademarks, to complex copyright issues. Especially in the context of the digital transformation, the “classic” copyright protection concepts are often no longer sufficient, and further protection, e.g. according to the Austrian Unfair Competition Act, must be taken to. 

Our areas of expertise in IP / IT law include:

  • Analysis of the protectability of own service
  • Best possible protection of innovative business models using new technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence)
  • Intellectual property as a core asset in digital business models
  • Protection of trade secrets and know-how
  • Intellectual property challenges in 3D printing
  • Tax aspects of allocation and allocation of intellectual property rights
  • Documentation of licenses, joint ventures and collaborations
  • Asset financing based on intellectual property and security interests in intangible assets, including license agreements
  • Intellectual property due diligence check and verification

What EY Law can do for you

Our IP / IT services for you:

  • Drafting license and software agreements
  • Assistance with IT outsourcing projects
  • Reviewing copyright issues
  • Advising on brand strategies and the protection of trademarks
  • Drafting contracts for the purchase or sale of intangible assets
  • Advising on internet liability issues
  • Reviewing websites, webshops and terms and conditions in e-commerce
  • Representation before regulatory authorities
  • Online sales are becoming increasingly important in the digital world both in the B2C and B2B sector. A wide range of legal framework conditions must be taken into account. However, applicable law is usually national law. The legal requirements for data protection, commerce, transactions, intellectual property and cryptocurrencies differ considerably from country to country.


Every digital platform of a company represents a possible connection to customers. The company must always ensure that it complies with all laws and regulations relating to e-commerce and at the same time safeguards its own interests in a possible contractual relationship with potential customers. Our holistic services on legal and tax issues are particularly crucial where legal and tax aspects are closely linked. And that is always the case in online business.

Our offer includes the following areas:

  • Consumer protection rights and competition rules in a rapidly evolving e-commerce environment
  • Legal structures for the e-commerce business including drafting legal agreements for online use
  • Coordinated protection for digital intellectual property
  • Compliance with global data protection requirements for digital business
  • Advice on contractual principles of online contracts, including preparation of user terms and conditions and digital signatures
  • Support with contractual agreements on digital infrastructures – including software licenses, web design contracts and R&D agreements
Are you looking for an intellectual property lawyer in Austria? Contact our EY Law IP / IT experts that will assist you with intellecctual property legal services !
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