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Digitization and the ever increasing globalization hold enormous potential for business people, but these often also bring complex legal issues with them. In these cases, precise and quick answers from experts are critical to success.

Fact is:

These requirements can only be met with professional specialization and dynamic processes. For us as a full-service law firm, internationality, interdisciplinarity and innovation are the focus of our services. Thus, our teams consist of lawyers with specific industry knowledge and digital know-how as well as many years of experience in their respective fields of law. When putting together a team, we can draw on our international network as well as the service lines of EY, enabling us to solve complex issues not only from a legal point of view. We are result-oriented and stand for clear, practicable recommendations for action. The quality of our advice is always our top priority.



We advise companies worldwide on complex labor law issues. We support you in securing your company’s long-term success.


Banking and Capital Markets

Our integrated, cross-disciplinary approach helps your company find its way.



Compliance incidents will often have serious negative consequences. Our teams use their expertise and experience to get you back on your feet after compliance violations.


Data Protection & Cybersecurity

The digital economy is data driven. Violations of the relevant regulations can lead to serious damage to the company’s image and result in high fines.


Digital Law/ Blockchain & Tokenization

Digitization with the help of new technologies has the potential to revolutionize classic business models and the relationships between companies.


Corporate and Commercial

Companies looking to expand internationally not only need to bridge cultural differences, but to also keep regulatory risks in mind.


Real Estate

We scrutinize the opportunities and risks of a real estate transaction, draft sales contracts and support our clients in sales contract negotiations.



Due to the fast-paced digitalization and the associated technology-savvy business models, the protection of intellectual property is becoming increasingly important. Technology, brands and data must be protected as effectively as possible in order to maintain a strategic competitive advantage over competitors.


Legal Operations/ Legal Managed Services

With increasing size, the organizational structure of multinational corporations also becomes larger and more complex.


Public Law

Errors can lead to significant delays in project execution or lengthy and costly legal disputes.


Transactions/ M&A

In today’s fast-paced business environment, many companies are taking advantage of market changes to expand through acquisitions. The transactions are becoming more and more complex.



An early anti-trust assessment, especially in the context of company acquisitions and mergers, is essential nowadays.

Legal Advice 4.0

Across borders, always on the cutting edge

Legal Advice 4.0

Across borders, always on the cutting edge

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