We advise companies worldwide on complex labor law issues. We support you in securing your company’s long-term success and develop practical, comprehensive solutions for all aspects of labor law that arise in connection with restructuring measures, mergers, takeovers and all types of business transformation.

What EY Law can do for you

In order to remain internationally competitive and to achieve the targets, companies should continuously adapt their operating processes. Change has thus become the only constant. In this constantly changing, globally networked business world, personnel issues are becoming more and more pressing, as different labor and employment laws apply in every country. More than ever, companies should understand and observe these differences in order to get their risks and costs under control, to actively identify possible hurdles and to implement their regional or global transformation projects efficiently, promptly and with the greatest flexibility. Our strengths and focus include, in particular, interdisciplinary M&A transactions, which we master with the help of our cross-functional teams in all disciplines. Together with you, we will develop a suitable strategy – always taking into account the relevant legal, tax, business and tactical aspects. As a result, you, as our client, gain coordinated and therefore competitive transaction support without any loss of efficiency.

Our Services in Labor Law

We work closely with the EY teams and use their broad experience in a wide variety of areas of responsibility. We support the company management with feasibility studies, the design, the introduction and the coordination of international transformation projects. We lead project teams – consisting of experienced lawyers and project management employees – on site in order to implement your transformation projects on time and cost-effectively. At the same time, we advise you on the crucial compliance issues as to whether the local labor and labor law regulations are being adhered to. In doing so, we access detailed and constantly updated information on labor and employment laws and suitable HR methods from country to country. In addition, we always have access to our network of local labor lawyers. All of this increases the degree of coordination and consistency of your transformation project, which together with a greatly reduced response time are the main differentiators in today’s market.

Our Services:

  • Assisting with employment law issues in the course of transactions and reorganizations
  • Drawing up terms of employment, employee and executive employment contracts, consultancy agreements and working time models
  • Advice on international employee assignments; drafting contracts and guidelines
  • Designing remuneration models and employee stock option programs
  • Advice concerning the termination of employment contracts
  • Negotiating works agreements, reconciliations of interests and social compensation plans
  • Advice on co-determination on the supervisory board
  • Advice on company pension schemes, transfer of pension obligations to external entities
  • Representing before labor courts

Our result

Our lawyers are at your disposal worldwide if you want to restructure business processes, sell or buy business areas across borders, carry out feasibility studies or make HR decisions. Multinational companies can rely on our knowledge and experience in international law. We can advise you on the design of the corporate transformation and any labor law requirements that may arise in connection with it. This allows you to design your personnel management requirements individually and gives you more control over the implementation and process planning.

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