Corporate and Commercial Law

Companies that want to expand internationally not only have to bridge cultural differences, but also have to keep an eye on regulatory risks. It is not uncommon for such aspects to determine competitiveness and success outside the home market.

What EY Law can do for you

Our specialists are part of a multinational network that can advise you on legal issues in all central areas of your company: human resources, finance, tax law, environmental protection, copyright and much more. In this way, we master all imaginable challenges that can arise during a transaction or in ongoing business. In the meantime, you can concentrate on your core business – regardless of the country in which you operate.

Corporate Law

We represent companies in many areas of their business activity – from foundation to the various phases of their further development.

Our advice and services include:

  • The day-to-day business with all legal issues
  • Effective support in the planning and implementation of reorganizations
  • Support in compliance programs
  • Support with other corporate law issues



Whether you are splitting off a business unit or adding a new one, as a multinational company you have numerous tasks while you reorganize your structures at the same time before and after closing.

This requires:

  • A clear strategy for restructuring in central, financial, tax and personnel issues
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements in all participating countries
  • Understanding of business and industry dynamics to avoid disruptions in operations for the most part
  • Clear communication with employees to reduce uncertainty and minimize fluctuation
  • Seamless coordination of work processes in different countries

This is how we support you

Our lawyers work closely with our specialists from the fields of taxes, accounting, financial advice and human resources in order to comprehensively analyze the individual factors of your company. In this way, you receive tailor-made consulting services that can lead to savings and higher company value.

We offer you:

  • A team of legal specialists who not only support you in your communication with the customer, but also with local partners, our other teams and possible external consultants clear schedules and deadlines
  • Global templates for legal documents for greater efficiency and consistency
  • Relief for your internal experts
  • Support of all relevant resources from project management

We employ more than 2,100 lawyers in over 80 areas of responsibility. You benefit from local knowledge with a global focus and receive answers to various legal questions.

By using synergies and the knowledge of your organization across teams and departments, we promote cost efficiency throughout the project and reduce possible points of friction. We can draw on a wide range of empirical values and thus reduce the risk for you during execution, keep the disruption to your day-to-day business as low as possible, answer questions immediately and channel the contributions of all those involved. We adapt our services flexibly to your requirements and internal resources.

Commercial Law

We advise companies on existing contracts with national and international customers, suppliers and dealers. Our lawyers support you with all forms of commercial contracts so that you can make the right decisions every day as well as strategically. Our experience spans many industries and regulatory areas, including:

  • Outsourcing contracts based on complex procurement processes
  • Provision of services development
  • Product marketing manufacturing industry
  • Suppliers Maintenance and support
  • White label products
  • Business cooperation
  • Legal framework for online services

Corporate Governance and Conflicts

Should there be a conflict among shareholders or between companies and shareholders, we will be at your side as a reliable advisor. Disputes can have a variety of reasons: Board resolutions, decisions at general meetings, resolutions ordered by a court, questions of the liability of managing directors and much more. Our specialists advise you on the various aspects of corporate management, including: on liability issues for managing directors. Our services are aimed at stock corporations, limited liability companies, institutional investors, private equity investors, insurance carriers, committees, boards of directors, etc.

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