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Legal advice across territorial borders

More than 2,400 lawyers in over 90 countries

From Abidjan to Zurich, from Stavanger to Kinshasa: Our strong global network creates the necessary conditions to be able to implement cross-border or multinational projects from a legal point of view. We support our clients with strategic company acquisitions, cross-border reorganizations and mergers or with the contractual establishment of joint ventures with foreign business partners and with the implementations of group-wide corporate concepts

In short

Our competencies are also broadly in the international arena. At the same time, our clients benefit not only from our country-specific expertise, but also from the well-coordinated processes within our network.

This means for you

no time-consuming training and establishment of processes, but smooth communication for efficient and goal-oriented cooperation.


Legal advice across professional boundaries

Thinking outside the box

Whether transaction advice, management consulting, tax advice or auditing – together with the experts from EY we offer you the right solution for every interface of legal advice. This means for us that we do not only align our advice to the legal situation, but also focus on the bigger picture – on the overall strategy of the company, its financing, tax issues and on regulatory or technical requirements for demanding projects. You benefit from tailor-made advice, which avoids the often time-consuming coordination between advisors. Our strengths and focus include, in particular, interdisciplinary M&A transactions, which we master with the help of our cross-functional teams in all disciplines. Together with you, we will develop a suitable strategy – always taking into account the relevant legal, tax, business and tactical aspects. As a result, you, as our client, gain coordinated and therefore competitive transaction support without any loss of efficiency.

Or put differently

With us you get the right solution for every commercial law issue.

EY Law Rechtsberatung Interdisziplinär


Tailored solutions

Innovative not only has to be new but also has to contain innovation

Taking into account technological and economic advances, we develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. Our legal tech solutions are an essential part of our innovative strength, which we use to continuously raise our services to the next level, making them more efficient and improving their quality. A common “Global Operations Platform” supports decentralized Teams through workflows, joint reporting and template management.

In addition, every industry has its own characteristics (for example, its own culture) and specific challenges. Our teams have many years of industry experience and are confronted with specific issues of your industry on a daily basis. This enables us to provide individual recommendations and develop personalized solutions.

With our integrated consulting approach, we support you in all phases of your project.

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