Public Law

Public law permeates almost all areas of business and life. Due to the large number of national and European legal regulations, supplemented by international regulations, the challenge in all business areas (also) to fully comply with public law compliance requirements increases. Even small mistakes can lead to considerable delays in project execution or to lengthy and costly legal disputes. We show ways in which restrictions can be reduced and unjustified government intervention averted in order to achieve your economic goals.

What EY Law can do for you

We advise private companies, individuals as well as companies and corporations under public law on all important questions of public law and represent them in official and administrative court proceedings.

Our services for you:

  • Trade law
  • Public procurement law
  • Energy law
  • Environmental law
  • Telecommunication and broadcasting law
  • Public construction law
  • Incentives and state aid law
  • Representation in proceedings before public agencies and other administrative proceedings  
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