ELI Conference 2022 in Madrid

ELI Conference 2022 Madrid - EY Law Martin Hanzl Speaker Blockchain Crypto Smart Contracts

ELI 2022 – the Annual Conference of the European Law Institute will take place from 5–8 September 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

Speaker Martin Hanzl – “Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts”

We are pleased that EY Law expert Martin Hanzl, together with Fabian Reinisch, VP Legal at Bitpanda, are once again invited to speak at the renowned annual conference of the European Law Institute (ELI). The lawyer heads the New Technologies Desk at EY Law and, together with colleagues, is responsible for the ELI project on “Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts”.

Im Rahmen der ELI Jahreskonferenz wird Martin Hanzl gemeinsam mit den weiteren Projektverantwortlichen die von Wirtschaft und Interessensvertretungen bereits mit Spannung erwarteten Principles zu Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts der Gruppe präsentieren. Anschließend wird Martin Hanzl gemeinsam mit Prof. Sjef van Erp, Fabian Reinisch und weiteren Panelisten diese Guidelines diskutieren.

Blockchains and smart contracts are profoundly changing many areas of private law transactions. The fundamental question is whether the current regulatory framework can easily cope with these new forms of “self-executing” agreements or whether new solutions are needed. The ELI project aims to provide guidance on how to deal with blockchain or DLT.

The potential influences and impacts of these technologies are enormous and are by definition transnational. National and EU legislation can only slowly respond to these developments, which is why projects such as that of the European Law Institute and the guidelines presented therein are of immense importance for the economy.

Details on the ELI Conference 2022

Kindly note that the Annual Conference is a by-invitation-only event.

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