EY Law bei den Legal 500 EMEA Rankings ausgezeichnet

Legal500 EMEA Ranking 2024 - EY Law Austria Corporate M&A IP TMT Competition Real Estate Lawyer Austria

Legal 500 EMEA Ranking 2024 | Austria

EY Law Austria wurde bei den Legal 500 EMEA Rankings 2024 wieder unter den besten Wirtschaftskanzleien Österreichs gelistet. Wir gratulieren allen unseren EY Law Teams herzlich zu ihren Auszeichnungen in unterschiedlichen Kategorien, wie in Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Intellectual Property, TMT, Real Estate oder EU & Competition.

Real Estate | Legal 500 Austria

„High level of advisory service, especially the cooperation with their tax and public law teams.“

„Stephan Größ is very efficient and focused. Good availability, fast response time.“

EU & Competition | Legal 500 Austria

„Mario Gall and David Konrath take time on all tasks related to the client’s assignment so that the client himself has as little work to do as possible.“

„EY Law is our go-to place for competition law matters. The team is motivated and has a thorough knowledge of our business. Their advice is practical and efficient.“

„Very good job by David Konrath throughout the project. Availability, responsiveness, professionalism, everything was very good.“

Commercial, Corporate and M&A | Legal 500 Austria

„The firm offers a broad range of services, working with them is always a pleasure.“

„The partners and associates are fully committed, proactive and have excellent technical and social skills. They are responsive and clients can benefit from their experience.“

„Very practice oriented and hands on. Great availability and excellent legal practice.“

IP| Legal 500 Austria

„The team is best known for its vast knowledge in IP around new technologies, especially AI, Blockchain, NFTs and Data Act-related questions. We love that the team is super focused, business-oriented and knows how to negotiate IP terms without putting a deal in jeopardy.“

„Strong team, especially in the context of transactional advice, and at the interface with startup advisory. Have built up the practice significantly lately.“

„Martin Hanzl is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. Available around the clock, understands every case instantly, does great research, excellent lawyer.“

TMT| Legal 500 Austria

„This practice stands out for its unparalleled focus on TMT, especially in new technologies and pivotal legislations like the AI Data Acts. Their expertise in these areas is evident in our collaborative work on the Data Governance Act, a testament to their forward-thinking approach.“

„Exceptional service from EY Law Austria on AI, the Data Act and crypto matters. Their expertise in these niche areas is unmatched. As a busy client, I appreciate their efficient and forward-thinking approach. A top choice for TMT legal needs. Highly commendable!“

„In the dynamic realm of new tech law, especially within the European crypto landscape, few shine as brightly as Martin Hanzl. His distinction is not just in his profound expertise, but in the way he seamlessly bridges the gap between intricate legal frameworks and real-world applications.“

Herzliche Gratulation an alle EY Law Teams in Österreich und der gesamten EMEA Region zu den Ergebnissen des Legal 500 EMEA Rankings 2024!


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